Our favorite brand ambassador strikes again! (we <3 u Natalie)

We recently posted about lipstick artist Natalie Irish, mentioning us in her People’s interview.  Well by golly the lady has done it again!!

Natalie, the lip smoocher like no other, gave X. a big ol’ shout out in her GLAM interview.  Stating that X., a local brand to her hometown Houston, TX,  is what she likes to use on her pout, when she’s not icing it down, to sooth her lips after working on a canvas for hours. X.Ray is the guy she named to be exact. She pointed out the the organic natural oils, especially coconut, help heal her lips after rubbing them on canvas for her work.   The force is strong with this one! 😉

Read Natalie’s full interview here: http://www.glam.com/meet-natalie-irish-the-kisser-of-the-canvas/



Thank you, you gorgeous, über talented, creative, independent woman!!!! You are our inspiration and we hope to one day have as many collaborations, interviews and national recognition as you do. <3
All love girl, all love!


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